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M.Brancato Properties is the heart of senior housing in Oswego, NY!

Matt Brancato is all too familiar with an old saying: Home is where the heart is.

For the growing list of senior citizens who rent from him, Brancato’s heart is evident in every home.

“I wouldn’t rent out anything I wouldn’t live in myself,” he said.

In fact, Brancato lives in the same neighborhood as his renters.

The clean and quiet block of homes he owns and personally maintains is essentially its own small community made of young families, working professionals, a thriving senior population - to include Brancato’s 86-year-old parents - and Brancato and his family.

“It’s a great little neighborhood we have here,” he said.

“People look out for each other on the block. They are all respectful and considerate of each other. It’s really that sense of community that makes it special.”

And because he lives nearby, Brancato affords extra care to his renters - especially seniors - who he acknowledges have unique needs.

Special requests from elderly renters, such as installing AC units in windows or moving furniture, are the kinds of personal touches Brancato offers at no cost.

And his senior homes are designed accordingly; all lower level apartments with no stairs to navigate, modern layouts with wide hallways, and full tubs which he said are easily equipped with safety bars if requested.

Outside each home, Brancato ensures access is easy, parking is ample, and lawns are impeccably manicured. Many of the homes are dotted with quaint flower beds, potted plants, and ornate shrubs.

Brancato, also a trained craftsman, maintains the properties himself and is just a call away for maintenance requests.

“I’m personally very hands-on when it comes to taking care of the homes,” he said.

Not only does this guarantee quick, quality, and personal service, but it also cuts his operating costs significantly. This allows Brancato to pass on savings to his renters. For seniors, many of whom live on fixed incomes, this is a huge benefit.

Additionally, when winter sets in, bringing heavy snow and dangerous temps, Brancato puts himself on high alert to remove snow promptly and ensure his residents are safe.

Acknowledging that seniors often prefer to run errands in the morning, he said their driveways are his first priority after a snow storm.

“I certainly don’t plow mine until theirs are done,” he said.

Also in winter, he and his children make regular courtesy visits to check in on his elderly renters.

“I’ll check in with them or send one of the boys down to knock and just say ‘Hi, Ma’am’ or ‘Hi, Sir - are you doing OK? Is everything alright today? Need anything?’“

It’s this kind of personal touch and individual care that makes M. Brancato Properties rare in the realm of real estate.

Unlike the big, out-of-town companies that value their properties - but not so much their tenants - Brancato’s relationship with his renters is vastly different.

“They are my clients - but they are also my neighbors,” he said.

And he said seniors are among his best neighbors.

“As renters, seniors take great care of the homes and are very appreciative of everything,” he said. “So it’s really important for me to take great care of them in return.”

With senior citizens now the fastest growing demographic nationally, Brancato said he wants to serve additional Oswego seniors in the future by developing more first-floor homes.

It’s a noble goal - and one that Matt Brancato certainly has his heart in.

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